Bioion Cleansing Wipes, Mild Soft & Pleasant Scented


Bioion Cleansing Wet Wipes germs-free sanitiser is formulated to keep you and your loved one's clean and fresh. Antimicrobial, 35 count.

หมวดหมู่ : New Collection! Cleansing Wet Wipes


The NEW Bioion Cleansing Wet Wipes germ-free sanitiser is designed to keep you and your family clean and fresh. The formulation is water-based, antimicrobial, and alcohol-free. Its mild, soft and pleasant scent makes it suitable for cleaning hands, faces and any part of the body for daily use.

Its formula easily sweeps away makeup and grime and hydrates skin without leaving it greasy. They are gentle enough to use on your face but strong enough to clean your entire body (hands, feet, pits, and all). They are great for freshening up.

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